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62 year old woman

Complaints: Uncomfortable feeling in bathing suits and normal clothes, certainly didn’t dared to wear bikini’s. Fanatically trained at the gym but the buttocks remained limp and flatter than desired.

Testimonials - Buttock by drStevens - Organic Surgery


  • Under general anesthesia 1800cc adipose tissue was removed from the shaded areas.
  • After centrifugation and separation of the vital fat of non-usable residues were plated bilateral buttock 225cc living fat cells - drop by drop - spread over the highlighted area in the upper buttock.
  • Restoration of the contour of the waist, lower back, buttocks and thighs in harmony with the rest of the body, both front and side - by real "sculpturing": Removing where it was too much (lower back, flank, culotte - also makes the perception of the longer leg) combined with accentuating what should be full and what should be good: the top of the buttock.

Result: The flatter bottom edge of the buttock is far more round and lifted by this combination technique. (bath) clothes now fit well as well and she look years younger.

Buttock lipofilling with growth factors and own bloodcells | Organic Surgery